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5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Small Business Bookkeeping Service

Hiring bookkeepers Melbourne is something which thousands of small businesses hate and it isn’t hard to see why. It’s always a difficult task to hire a bookkeeper, simply because there are many great services to choose from; and of course knowing which one to hire is confusing. However, if you know a few questions to ask before you hire then it can be a lot easier. The following are five questions you may want to consider asking:check this out!

What Are Your Costs?

The first and very important question you must ask your small business bookkeeping service is about their charges and fees. You absolutely need to fully understand how much the service will charge you and in what way. Some will offer an hourly rate while others will offer a one charge for an entire month. This can vary but you need to ask bookkeepers Melbourne about these fees.

How Much Attention Are You Able To Put Into My Needs?

You need to know how much time the bookkeeper is willing to put into your books. If they are only willing to put two hours a week and that isn’t something you’re happy with then you know this may not be the right service for you. Hopefully the bookkeeper will rely with something such as ‘how much time do you require?’ or something similar so that you know they are willing to be flexible with their working hours.

Do You Have References I Can Look At?

This can be a good question to ask simply because you need to have some sort of idea of who you’re working with. References from past employers or clients can really help you in many ways and you can feel at ease knowing the person you’re thinking about hiring has glowing references. Of course for those just starting out references may be an issue but hopefully the candidate will be upfront about this. To find out more check out www.bookkeeperco.com.au.

What Sort Of Experience Do You Have With Small Businesses?

Bookkeepers Melbourne probably has experience of some kind but the type of experience with small businesses could make all the difference. If the bookkeeper doesn’t have a lot of history working with a small business then it’s a worry; however, more concerning is the fact they have no experience whatsoever. Remember, you are supposed to feel confident with the people you work with and if you don’t know everything about their working history then it can be unsettling. However, if you ask about their experience and they are honest and upfront you can feel much better.

Do You Feel Confident About Working Together?

Hiring bookkeepersThis is a really important question to ask your bookkeeper before you hire them. You may not have given a lot thought about this question but you really should. If you or your bookkeeper doesn’t feel confident or happy working together then it could spell trouble. However if you talk to the bookkeeper and find out if they feel is a problem then you can find out what that problem is and work it out. It may be something very simple to correct but it will be useful to ensuring the partnership goes smoothly.see this page for more info.

Hire when you’re ready

Hopefully the above questions will help you in your search to find a good bookkeeping service. It’s going to be a long task so think about what you need from your bookkeeper and always ask the questions you want to ask before you hire. Good luck in your search for a new bookkeeper.